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REHEARSALS - Rehearsals take place in Folkestone- wear your FOEW UK Bling T-shirt & Black Jeans and your show shoes to practice walking!  

ROOMS All rooms as based on 2 adults sharing, therefore if only one Adult & a child/s in a room the eldest child would be charged as an adult, (This is standard hotel policy) therefore if only mum and daughter travel, we will partner you with another Mother & child in a room share.  We do not preclude father's from being the main chaperone, but they would not be able to be in a room share, therefore you would have to pay the supplement for a private room which is the difference from the child's to an adult price which is approximately £150/£200 depending on the age of the child


• All nationalities and religions are welcome

• Can I enter If I have posed Nude.  NO ,  neither can you have posed topless or any Implied nudity.  

• Is there a minimum height requirement NO, There is no height, weight or size restriction

• Can I Enter if I have been to Prison - NO   You must not have a Criminal Record at all,  

• Can I enter if I am having a baby NO,  We cannot include contestants that are expecting a baby due to Health Safety reasons & insurance implications.  

• Can I enter if I have Children YES, Married or unmarried mum's are very welcome.  

• Can I enter if I am a homosexual YES we do not discriminate

RULES OF WINNING: -   If you WIN one of our title at the Grand Final: Face of Europe & the World, Face of Europe, Ms. International or UK the title is for a minimum of 12 months or until the next Grand Final.  Before entering our competition please note that we do not allow or want our title winners during their reign, to enter any other Beauty or Charity Pageant, please be aware of this clause before entering our competition as by entering you have agreed to this ruling.  One exception to that rule -IF, you have entered another pageant system BEFORE you have applied to enter FOEW UK and providing you have told us prior to entering i.e. on your application, if we know & still accept your application then the risk of you winning our title and then also winning another, Is a risk we have willingly taken knowing the facts. However, IF we have NOT been advised and after winning one of our main titles, you then go on to win another you will be asked to step down from FOEW returning your regalia (Sash, Crown & Gown) and any other prizes and you will not receive the holiday or the return trip to Disney the following year. IF you have already taken advantage of your prize you will be invoiced for the balance of that prize. Also your deposit for the Disney trip will be NON-REFUNDABLE as stated in the 21 day  & 12 weeks rule applies in full,


SASHES: -  If you Lose or damage your sash you Must replace before the final cost of replacement is your responsibility and costs £29.99

SASHES: - Do not alter your sash in any way whatsoever do not “Bling” or embellish in anyway.  NO logo's can be added without permission

SCHEDULE   Grand Final schedule you will receive 2 schedules one is for your week and the other is for the actual show - UNFORTUNATELY WITHOUT NOTICE THINGS CAN CHANGE!  Every effort is made to make sure everyone is told of any updates.  Via group message, Facebook also there will be a notice board in the lobby near the "Thrones" please check this every morning & evening –

SCORES  All judges sheets are given to the adjudicators at the end of each round, they are then recorded & verified onto the computerised spreadsheet, the spreadsheet has a formula where the rankings have pre determined allocated to the scores. These scores are unable to be tampered with otherwise the spreadsheet corrupts and we cannot run results.  Once all scores are recorded, the 'Magic button' is pressed and the computer will automatically throw us out the top finalist includig he charity winnrs, once we have the top 10 the charity rankings are again added pro-rata – IF you did not raise for the charity then unfortunately at this stage you will receive no extra points and may lose your standing within the final group

SCORES:  CHARITY Competition Round - This will be the fist time your charity pro-rata points will be added to your accumlative scores from  all the other rounds ie: Video, One to One interview, Gala Presentation, Opening Round in Disneyland and the Glamerous Evening Gown, if you have done well your pro-rata charity points will make a difference to your accumulative scores.   All scores are added together along with your charity points to determine who has made it into the top 10 along with the 2 Charity winners from each age group. It is very important to note the charity money alone if you have not scored well in the other rounds will not elevate you to a winning place on there own, you have to have scored well throughout the competition for the charity points to work in your favor.  Please remember it is ONLY the monies raised for the Grand Final that counts towards your final scores, monies raised at your heat would have already benefited you at your heat and helped you reach the final.

SCORES:   The Charity awards will be given out at the Grand final, a place in the final iine up will be awarded to the highest International and UK finalist  from each age group who has raised the most funds for the founding charity,  these winners will automatically *WIN a place in the finlai group,  from these charity winners the CHARITY QUEEN & PRINCESS will be crowned.  All Charity points are carried foward again please note the charity points alone will not be enough to elevate you to a winnig sash,  as in the main competition in the final round each finalist is judged on 5 elements Pesonality, Presentation & Apprearance, Stage Presence, Confidence, and of course how you answer your question. Yours scores from these categories are added to your charity points and the highest accumlative score will become the MISS FOEW UK

SHOES Seniors & Teens The most important thing to remember about shoes is do not wear anything that is too high it is very important that you can walk elegantly. Please wear Silver or Diamanté sandals or shoes . Mini & Juniors Shoes for the opening round at Disney WHITE Plimsoles or converse trainers, that you can personalise with white bows, gems, diamanté or pearls please do not use any bright colours

SHOW RUN THROUGH, We have one run through in Disney and this will be in the Morning on SHOW DAY last approximately two hours time will be allocated on your schedule

SOCKS  (Mini & Teens – Opening round in Disney)  Need white frilly ankle socks can be lace or bows

SPONSOR Do I have to have a sponsor or can I pay for myself?   No you do not have to have a sponsor, but getting a sponsor for a dress, shoes and help towards your fees (But make sure your sponsor is aware of the T & C). You can pay for yourself or fundraise by doing sponsored events or get by help from family & friends,  However, getting a sponsor or even part sponsorship can make affording the trip easier

SPONSORSHIP What does my sponsors get for their help?  We have several levels of sponsorship from putting their Logo & website link on your profile to a Show Sponsorship package where the Companies Logo would appear on every contestants sash

SPONSORSHIP: Cancellation-  If you withdraw from the contest and you were able to secure yourself and sponsor and they have paid foew your deposit the same rules apply re 21 days Cancellation and the 12 week Cut off point. Your sponsor would have to invoice you direct should they want their sponsorship returned if you did not fulfill your contract with them direct.

SPONSOR CANCELS If your sponsor pulls out on you and your agreement with them and they no longer wish to continue sponsoring you, they would forfeit their sponsorship to date and any shortfall in the balance would revert to you personally for settlement you would be invoiced accordingly – However before taking on a sponsor you must put T & C in writing to them so that they are fully aware of their commitment to you.

STAFF Are all volunteers and do not receive any monetary compensation.


SWIMSUITS  We do not allow any Swimsuits rounds at any of our events,



THERAPIES  & Treatments Why we do not allow unauthorised people to carry out treatments-We enlist professional persons to style hair, apply make-up, varnish nails, spray tan or whiten teeth etc, because the have adequate public liability insurance (if an occasion arose, the client would claim from the company conducting the work), are fully qualified and declare all income to the relevant authorities.

If a non-qualified person(s) or anyone not engaged by FOEW UK conducts any kind of the above and the client does not approve of the work, they will most likely complain to FOEW,UK which may seem correct to them, however, is in fact totally unfair. The person(s) who have had the unsatisfactory work assume that we have condoned the therapist and may try to hold FOEW responsible. If this occurred the complaint would be referred to the unauthorised person(s) and they would have to deal with the issue(s).

When people have attempted to carry out treatments before, they have not had the decency to seek permission and this will not be allowed to happen.

FOEW UK is not being mean or unreasonable, there are legal implications and this is not thought about by the non-engaged person(s). As non-business minded people, this adds to the point that they do not think before they act or offer services.


TICKETS GRAND FINAL OR LIVE HEATS:- Buying tickets in advance will always be cheaper as a discount is given, How do I gets tickets to the live heat - You can buy ticket through our website <OUR SHOP> or e-mail us direct through  [email protected]    Payment is via Pay Pal  -  PAYPAL.ME/FOEW   or direct through our Barclays  Business account  63263452

TRAVEL - How do we get to Disney?  We travel by Coach and Eurotunnel, in certain circumstances we may travel by the Channel Ferry, Coach Trip takes approx. 3.5 to 4 hours depending on traffic, we stop half way for a 20 min comfort break at the half way point.   You must travel on your allocated coach because you MUST travel on the SAME coach as your luggage this is a requirement of HMC&E

TRAVEL DOCUMENTS : Please see Passport & Visa  Please note France and England are two different Countries, therefore please be aware especially International guests you may require different travel Visa’s or other documentation PLEASE CHECK it is your responsibility to check you have the correct documentation and that everything is in date before travelling, If you get denied entry or delayed FOEW UK are not responsible and we cannot wait for you. If you are held up by HMC&E , you would then have to make alternative arrangement to either join us in Disney or make your way home, either would be your responsibility not FOEW and all costs incurred would be your own. Should you miss your trip entirely due to you not having the correct paperwork no refund, compensation or transferrable trip can be given

TRAVEL INSURANCE – Please see Insurance


UNAUTHORISED GUESTS people in your Room or at our event, will be ejected and any charges will be levied upon the person or persons who are responsible for the room and allowed the unauthorised person entry. It is important for Health & Safety that we know everyone who are staying in the rooms. No person(s) not in our group are allowed to be staying in the rooms or attending our events

UNAUTHORISED PRESS  & TV ALL interviews or appearances must first be sanctioned and cleared by FOEW UK


VISA If you live outside of the EU you may require a visa to travel to England & France, Please remember France & England are different Countries and therefore you need to check with your consulate to see what paperwork you need to travel, this is your responsibility and IF you do not have the correct paperwork and cannot travel we cannot be responsible for your error.  


WILD WEST SHOW: The Wild West show is usually booked for the 1st night of arrival for the 21:30 showing. It is important that you understand that should the coach be delayed at the Tunnel or due to traffic  or a  we arrive late in Disneyland Paris and we are late for the show DISNEY WILL NOT REFUND OR AMEND the tickets - this is why Holiday Insurance is important, you would have to claim off your insurance so make sure you have the correct policy to be able to claim should we miss the show due to unavoidable delays.

WINNING A LIVE HEAT As a winner of a LIVE heat you *WIN* the whole Disney trip as advertised on our website, the trip does not include the trip for a partner, guest, parent or chaperone the trip is for the winner only and is not transferrable. A Mini, Junior and Teen Winner MUST BE accompanied to Disneyland by one full paying adult this is NOT part of the award. Travel to the registration hotel, in Folkestone is also NOT part of the Awarded trip, Spending Money and the competition outfits are not included this do not form part of your award.  A Heat winner(s) have 21 days to decline the title and return the Sash & Crown. Please note if you decline your place at the Grand final in Disneyland Paris there is no replacement or monetary compensation. If you do not go and should cancel after 14 days you will responsible for repaying back to Face of Europe & the World the deposit for the Disney Trip as advertised and invoiced accordingly. Mini £150, Junior £150, Teen £200, Senior £200

WINNERS OBLIGATIONS: - Should you "WIN" One of the top titles EUROPE & THE WORLD, EUROPE, Ms INTERNATIONAL  or UNITED KINGDOM and the CHARITY QUEEN  you would remain under the management of FOEW UK for the term of your reign. Your reign would end when you crown your successor at the following Grand Final. IF, however you already have commitments you MUST advise FOEW UK prior to participating in the Grand final, if you accept the title it will be assumed you are happy to comply with the following rules


• We would be grateful if you would consider running at least one  or two Charity events during your reign.

      as our ambassador we would be grateful if you would continue to raise awareness and support the charity events

• Not to enter any other Beauty Pageant or contest during your reign

• Not to appear in any publications or events without permission, requests to be sent via e-mail [email protected]

• Should you step-down from your "Title " you will be liable to repay FOEW UK for ALL costs

• Should you pose nude, topless or behave in a manor to bring the company or name into disrepute you will be asked to step down and return all items including the

      FOEW  UK GOWN, SASH & CROWN and ALL COSTS will be invoiced TO YOU for you to repay  

• Should you become pregnant during your reign, due to Health & Safety reasons only we would for the period where you "Show” ask your deputy  (Face of Europe)

      to represent the company, However, once baby arrives and you are fully recovered, should you wish take up duties again we would be delighted to see you return