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ACCOUNTANT:  Accounts are submitted annually to J STRICKLAND for auditing, FOEW INTERNATIONAL is registered at company’s house in England & Wales Registration 07459424, the future of Empowering Women


AFFILIATIONS:  Are we affiliated to Disney or any other pageant?  NO, we are the original and only Charity Pageant in Disney and we are NOT affiliated to any Pageant, we allow other Beauty Pageants to offer our Disney Experience as part of their own pageant’s prize. We are independently run and not affiliated to the Disneyland Paris Corporation in any way whatsoever, the competition is hosted and organised by  FOEW INTERNATIONAL PAGEANTS


AGE GROUP  Your age on the date of your FINAL determines the age group you should enter;    ie you can be 3 years old at your heat providing yo are 4 by the date of the grand final.  Likewise if you are 13 years old but will have turned 14 by the Final you would enter the TEEN heat  

Min      4 to   8   years  

Junior      9 to 13   years  

Teen   14 to 18  years    

Senior 19 to 39   years  


ANTI-DEFAMATORY CLAUSE It is agreed that you will not besmirch, or use any defamatory or slanderous remarks, be offensive or use derogatory language in any way whatsoever either in person or on any social or community media, e-mails, mobile phone messaging or any other form of communication.  By entering this competition you are aware that the judges are independently appointed and that their decision is justly given and their own opinion, the judges decision is final.  You have be made aware and acknowledged that the final verdict has nothing to do with FOEW INTERNATIONAL or the staff.  You have agreed to abide by the final decision and to behave in an acceptable manner that does not cause upset or embarrassment to others or yourself. You also agreed that you would not to use any form of social media to “Bad Mouth” the competition, judges, contestants, or staff in anyway whatsoever and by doing so you are fully aware that your comments would be considered most seriously and damages would be sought via the small claims court to which you understand and agreed to settle which includes any charges levied by the court/tribunal in pursuing the claim against you.  


APPLY  How do I enter the competition    

• Go to the "APPLY NOW" Tab on our website and complete form

• OR just e-mail FOEW INTERNATIONAL events, including the Grand Final.  Should this be a finalist or title-holder your title will be withdrawn and passed to the runner up.  Should a family member or a member of your entourage the same rules apply cause the incident, but this would not impeded upon the finalist. In the instance the finalist is under 18 and the person causing the issue is/was the child’s only chaperone, the chaperone would have to be replaced with another if the child wished to continue to attend any events.

BANK ACCOUNT: We have two account one Business account for the day to day running of the business this is the account you would normally pay money into.  The other account is purely for the Charity Donations

BUSINESS ACCOUNT                             CHARITY ACCOUNT

FOEW                                                        FOEW

Barclays Bank                                          Barclays Bank

Acct Nos       63263452                            Acct Nos        03031225

Sort Code      20-02-62                             Sort Code       20-02-62  

Every Payment MUST have your name as the payment reference.  

BREAKFAST is included at the Hotel Burstin and the Dream Castle and served from 7am until 9am 

BULLYING  OR INSULTING  Any behaviour that is deemed to be unacceptable ie: Bullying, Fighting, Theft, Racism, Sexism, Slander or any insulting comments whether it is Personal, Political or Religious will not be tolerated in any form and will t be dealt with very severely. This will result in the offending parties being withdrawn from the competition and withdrawn from our organised parties. You would be excluded from all events and no refund will be given. Any expenses incurred outside of the organised trip would now be the responsibility of the dismissed person(s)  no refund or compensation will be due or given.

CANCELLED DUE TO FORE MAJEURE -  see Terms & Conditions

CANCELLATION  - SEE CUT OFF DATE 12 WEEKS see Terms & Conditions 

CANCELLATION: HEAT WINNERS see Terms & Conditions You have 21 days after winning your title and the Disney Trip to decline the title & trip, this must be put in writing to FOEW UK, should you withdraw from the compeition AFTER THE 21 DAYS you will be liable to repay FOEW INTERNATIONAL PAGEANT

CHARITY SCORING like all other finalists you have to have scored well in all the other 7 categories of the competition. Raising the most for Charity will not make you an automatic winner, the charity points will elevate your scores if you have already scored well but unfortunately they will not take you from bottom to top on there own.

CHARITY: FOEW are not a registered Charity we are a charitable organisation that supports and makes donations to registered charities.

CHARITY DEDUCTIONS Please note like all charity organisations we do make deductions to cover the costs of running the charity account and the charity winner’s sundries.  We also take 25% of the total cost of staging the Grand Final in Disney which cover Stage, Venue, Accountant, Charity winners awards, Sashes, Crowns, Certificates and Sundries, no wages are taken from the charity account.

CHARITY FUNDING PAGES We do not encourage use of the on- line gift sites such as Go Funding or Just Giving, we find these difficult to monitor plus monies are impossible to equally share between the designated charities, which is the requirement

CHARITY EVENTS If you have organised an event or collected money under our banner or title for Headway East Kent or any other charity, ALL those donations MUST BE in accordance with the Charities Commission guidelines be paid over to the designated Charity you have collected for i.e. you cannot raise for Headway and they pay that money over to another charity account. Should you step down or decide to leave FOEW INTERNATIONAL the rules still apply to any monies you have raised under the banner of Face of Europe & the World, must still be paid into the designated charity account, It is illegal to withhold, misappropriate or redirect monies anywhere else. Should we feel that anyone is not acting in good faith or in accordance to our guidelines, we will report the situation to the charity commission in writing with a copy of our T & C's along any supporting evidence.

CHARITY MONIES:  Please pay all charity money into the designated Charity Account in advance of your heat or the Grand Final. Please see Bank Account details Payment must have your name as the payment reference.  Please also remember it is only money raised for Headway from your heat to the final that counts towards your Grand final scores, YOUR HEAT donations are not included because you will have already benefited from those points at your heat. All Charity money has to be paid into FOEW CHARITY account

CHARITY NOMINATIONS We do believe "Charity starts at home” The Grand Final the main nominated charity is HEADWAY EAST KENT.although from 2019 we will be nominating other organisations that will benefit form our donations. Please note at a local heat the Pageant Director of that heat has the opportunity in the run up to their heat, to nominate a local charity, ALL monies collected must then be equally shared between the nominated charity and our founding charities - After the local heat the All winners will be asked to continue their hard work and to raise awareness and donations for FOEW founding charity. <Headway East Kent>. & other nominated charities. Charity Donations at your Heat are NOT included or carried forward in your total for the Grand final

CHARITY POINTS The Charity element at the Grand Final becomes very important. Every finalist is asked to raise funds and awareness for our chosen charity, (Minimum amount of £100).   From every age group the finalist that has raised the most funds in that category will be awarded a Charity sash, from the 4 sash winners the overall winner will be crowned Charity Queen, can come from any age group the finalist who raises the most funds will be crowned the Charity Queen. However two charity winners from each age group top UK & top International winner will automatically win a place in the TOP grouo.  Please be aware that charity money alone will not make you the overall winner unfortunately if your scores in the other rounds have not been consistent and high enough for you to win a FOEW INTERNATIONAL title, your charity money alone will not elevate your position from say bottom to the top,

CHARITY POINTS AWARDED Your Charity points are awarded twice once to help you gain a place in the top ten, they are awarded pro-rata depending on your donations & ranking in the charity category

CHARITY SASH WON @ A LIVE HEAT At each live heat there will be a Charity Sash awarded, the winner(s) of the charity sash will have the opportunity to go to the Grand Final on the proviso that they are able to fund the Disney Experience yoursef by either  1) Self-funding  2) Sponsorship or  3) Fundraising for your own trip.

CHARITY SASH WON @ THE GRAND FINAL  From each age group two charity finalists  UK & International will automatically WIN a place in the top 10 or 8 DEPENDING ON NUMBERS  - Please note  UK & International pro-rata marks are separtely assessed .

CHARITY SCORING How does it work  Your accumulative scores from  All the 7 rounds including charity will determine your ranking as to whether you have WON a place in the top 10.  Once you have WON a place in the top group,  your pro-rata charity score will be added again to your score from the previous rounds, this is when the charity points become very important. A good collection can elevate your ranking improving your chances of winning a title, but of course if the girls already placed above you also have good charity points to be awarded, the effect will be that everyone’s position may alter , if you have no charity points to be awarded this will have a negative effect on your top 10 ranking.   Please Note the overall Charity winner  can be from any age group or ranking, the winner is the finalist who has raised the most funds for the charity. We will only crown & sash the overall Charity Queen & sash Charity Princess


Black Jeans, FOEW INTERNATIONAL Black  FOEW Bling T-Shirt,  Purple Competition Hoodie

• Black Shoes or Boots make sure they are comfortable, would not recommend wearing heels around the parks
















Make sure your clothing is clearly marked with your name, FOEW INTERNATIONAL cannot be held responsible for any loses or damage

COACH  We travel to Disneyland Pairs by coach normally via the Eurotunnel but please note this method of travelling is not guaranteed, alternative travel if Eurotunnel unavailable is via the Cross Channel Ferries.

COACH & LUGGAGE  You must put your luggage on the same coach you are travelling on please make sure all luggage is clearly labeled. See luggage

COMPETITION DATE  Please see dates on the Homepage on the foew website

COMPETITION HOODIE - Every Finalist requires the famous FOEW PURPLE Competition Hoodie orders through FOEW via Email

COMPLAINTS :- Must be directed in writing to the Pageant Director Gisele Buckingham via email [email protected] all complaints if deemed serious will be taken to the committee

COPYRIGHT - PHOTOGRAPHS - VIDEOS, PHOTOGRAPH'S  taken by FOEW INTERNATIONAL or by official photographer appointed by FOEW INTERNATIONAL, belong to FOEW and therefore under copyright regulations cannot be published, duplicated, sold or used in any social media site with permission from FOEW INTERNATIONAL or the photorgrapher. Use of Photograpghs by FOEW reserve the right to use for the sole purpose of advertsing FOEW INTERNATIONAL and the Competition photograghs taken by us or by our appointed photograpgher also any picture that have been shared to our Social Media. FOEW INTERNATIONAL  will use any image for the sole purpose of promoting and advertising FOEW international and the competitions, images can be used and stay unchanged even after the contestant has left the pageant.  IF YOU DO NOT WISH YOUR IMAGE TO BE USED,  YOU MUST NOT ENTER OUR COMPETITION,  - If you win a title you must accept that all photograpghs taken of you whilst our title holder belong to us and maybe used to promote the title, even after you have handed over your title, If you do nott agree to this you must not enter our competition

CROWNS If you lose or damage your crown, It is your responsibility to repair or replace we carry a few loose stones, but we will not replace a crown.  Please note if you stepdown from your title you must return your Crown & Sash within 14 days, If you wish to keep as a keepsake then you will be charged £35 for the Sash & £45 for the a Teen/Senior Tiara and £35.00 for the Junior/Minnie Crown  

CUT OFF DATE: - 12 weeks (3 months) before departure date all payments must be paid 12 weeks before departure date, is the cut off date, if you are unable to travel for any reason whatsoever, you are still fully responsible for the full payment fro the whole Disney Experience as advertised and ordered by yourself.  If you were unable to travel you must claim off your own travel Insurance ** SEE INSURANCE this is standard travel industry T& C DEPOSIT ARE NON REFUNDABLE AFTER 21 DAYS.

CUT OFF DATE :  HEAT WINNERS  When you "WIN" the "Disney Experience"  at a LIVE heat or Photographic Heat you have 21 days to decline the title, after which if you withdraw from the competition for whatever reason after the 21 days upto the 12 week cut off point, you would be liable to return the deposit for your age group as listed between (£150 to £250) should you withdraw from the contest after the 12 weeks cut off point you would be liable to repay FOEW the FULL amount of the whole trip.


DEPOSIT    Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE & NON TRANSFERRABLE  FinalisS : t Mini 4 to 8 years £150, Junior 9 to 13 years £150, Teen £200 Senior £250 all travelling adults £200. Or family of four £400  Deposit is NON refundable or transferable after 21 days,  ALL monies are due to be paid in FULL 12 weeks before departure date . After the 12 WEEK CUT OFF DATE NO MONIES ARE REFUNDABLE AND FULL BALANCE IS DUE AND RECOVERABLE FROM THE CLIENT EVEN IF CLIENT DOES NOT TRAVEL


DETAILS - What details do I send in to apply?    

• Name, Age & Contact Details    

• Headshot picture  (The pictures do NOT have to be professional in fact we prefer them if they are not air-brushed!

• Tell us why you would like to go to Disneyland  

• Copy of your passport  

• Tell us a little bit about yourself - send these details to us either via the online the application form just click on <APPLY NOW>

       or  send details via e-mail to  <[email protected]>

DIRECT DEBIT/Standing order - We can arrange payment to be made monthly by Direct Debit /Standing Order to help with budgeting 

DIRECTORS Official registered director and sole stockholder is Gisele Buckingham, as registered and recorded at Companies House.

DISNEY EXPERIENCE -  Please see the website home page for the full listing  or click on the tab on the website <GRAND FINAL>

DISNEY PARKS TICKETSIf you lose your parks ticket, we CANNOT replace your ticket you would have to purchase a NEW ticket from Disney. It is your responsibility to look after your ticket

DRESS Opening round dress for Disney - Each age groups opening round dress will be different, which also means they do not cost the same - Every year the design will be different, costs will be advised within the information guide and every year the details & costs may change.

DRESS MEASUREMENTS  You will be asked to take your measurement it is YOUR responsibility to get your measurements right, DO Not hold the tape measure tight when measuring - Measurements required in centimetres  Height  -  Bust  - Waist  -  Hips (widest part)  -  Waist to bent knee  -  Waist to Floor (bear feet)

If you measure wrong or if you give us the wrong information and your dress does not fit, we are not responsible the onus is on you to provide the correct measurement.  If you have to have your dress altered this is your responsibility,  foew is not liable for any costs incurred, the costs would be borne by the finalist.


FOEW UK WORKING HOURS:  we do not work 24/7 all staff are voluenteers and hold full time positions elsewhere -  Face of Europe & the World working hours outside of hosting a show, organised promotional events or the Grand final the hours are from 6pm to 9pm Monday to Friday - Saturday & Sunday Closed (e-mail & FB messages will be answered to the best of our ability within 72 hours)

All queries should be directed via e-mail to [email protected]  Any queries sent outside of these core hours will not be addressed until the next day

GIFTS    NO gifts are allowed to be given to the judges

GUESTS - Can my family & friends come to Disney, YES! Please request quote Discount for 10 people+

HEATS:-  We hold several Heats in the UK, live & photographic, Please go to our HEAT tab on the web site <Heats> for full information, if your area is not listed please contact us direct for details of your nearest heat or other options for entry.    

Do I you have to live in the area to enter - Area specific heats would be for girls who live or were born in the area within the 30 miles radius.  More generic titles England, FOEW of the Year, FOEW UK  & GB photographic these heats are open to all contestants from all over the UK

HEATS - IS THERE AN ENTRANCE FEE  - YES!  All entrance fees must be paid in advance either direct into our business account @ Barclays bank or via our Pay Pal account  (Payments can be made either via Pay pal or direct into the Business account) If you do not pay in advance you will not benefit from any discounts offered, additional details relevant to certain heats are advertised on our website. PLEASE NOTE THAT ENTRANCE FEES ARE NON REFUNDABLE, AND NON TRANSFERABLE

HOODIE - DOES EVERYONE HAVE TO HAVE A HOODIE? No only the finalists have to have competition Hoodie & Bling T-shirt. Hoodies are personlised with your name but not have your titles on. Parents or guests do not have to buy a hoodie, however most people like to have a Hoodie as they are ideal for around the park, and photographers and staff can spot you easily as part of the group. – Same with the Bling T-shirt for finalists the T-shirts are mandatory, however they are a firm favorite with everyone and we would highly recommend having two especially as we do tend to live and die in them during the Disney week


INSURANCE - It is mandatory that you take out your own Travel & Medical insurance, please make sure you purchase the correct type of insurance to cover every eventuality including cancellation and sickness, If you are unable to travel and have to cancel after the 12 week cut off period (12 weeks before the date of departure) you must claim off your own insurance as you are still responsible for the FULL cost of the Disney Experience even if you are unable to travel.



• ANY attempt to interfere or influence the judges may result in the finalist being withdrawn from the contest.  

• No money or gifts or personal favours maybe given to any of the judges,  

• Nobody can approach the judges table during a show (Only the officials)

• NO walking up to the Judges or the Adjudicators Table

JUDGING: HOW ARE WE JUDGED  We send out a guide on how the judging is done, this will explain how the scoring is attributed and what to wear. Your personality, appearance, deportment (Walk) clothing, stage presence, behaviours are all taken into consideration when judging and NO two judges think or score the same this is why we have more then one opinion.

JUDGING: There are several categories in which a finalist is judged, these scores are collated and put on a specially designed spreadsheet, which only the Adjudicator has access too. Once the scores are entered into the Spreadsheet they CANNOT be altered, if you try to change the scores the spreadsheet will corrupt and everything will be lost!!, The spreadsheet after the 1st round in Disneyland will calculate and give us the top 10 only, therefore if your scores did not put you in this group, we are unable to give you your overall score or feedback. As we will not have them.   

JUDGES  We do our utmost you make sure a judge does not judge a group where they may know someone on more than a casual basis,  they may not be related to any candidate or be a sponsor. Not all Judges judge every age group.  We also have a secret judge this person is NOT a staff member but they will be watchful of people behaviours on and off stage.  You must NOT approach a Judge during or after a show, as ALL Feedback IF there is any must be requested through FOEW – Please note we cannot guarantee Feedback or scores as not all judges give communicative feedback


LIVE HEATS Please note all entrance fees once paid are non refundable - WHY becuase we have limited number entering a heat and if you have reserved yours spot and paid , it means we have turned someone else away in favour of your entrance. we have to cover the cost of the Prize to Disney and therefore a refund is not possible  :O) Sorry

LUGGAGE is your own responsibility.  YOU have to make sure your cases are loaded on the correct coach.  Luggage must travel on the same coach you are travelling on especially on the outward trip. When the coaches leave Folkestone or Disney the staff and Coach drivers will do a final sweep to make sure everything that is on the kerb has been loaded– IF you LEAVE something behind we cannot turn back to retrieve the item.  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO LOOK AFTER YOUR PROPERTY NOT OURS.  If you leave something behind and want it brought over the cost of bringing items to France IS YOUR Responsibility this also applies for the return trip if you leave something in Disney it is down to you to organise the return and pay the costs.

LUGGAGE LEFT IN FOLKESTONE People travelling back to Folkestone… Can leave their Fancy Dress costume and their Evening gowns they wore in Folkestone in their car or ask someone who is leaving a car in Folkestone to store your outfits in their boot. As you do not want to be dragging unwanted luggage to and from Folkestone just for the fun of it!

LUGGAGE LIMIT A contestants is limited to ONE  24Kg Suitcase and ONE dress Bag and One Handbag   Guests 1 Suitcase & One carry on bag  YOU MUST load your Luggage on the coach you are travelling on, foew are NOT responsible for loading or offloading your luggage this is your responsibility. FOEW INTERNATIONAL are not responsible for lost luggage, if you lose any personal belongings again this would be your own responsibility and something that would be dealt with under your own travel insurance


MAKE UP - Is make-up allowed yes, but only for the Teens & Seniors,   No make-up or beauty enhancements are allowed for the Mini & Junior ie: False Nails. Hair, Teeth Flippers or Eyelashes. We are not a "Glitz stylised Pageant" foew is an age appropriate Pageant, we do not want our younger contestants trying to look older than they are, we do not encourage or allow anyone under the age of 13 to wear any make-up All outfits must be age appropriate No Heels, and no bare midriffs!

MISSING YOUR COACH - It is your OWN responsibility to make sure that you are at the meeting point in time to catch your coach, The Coach is on such a tight schedule that they are UNABLE to wait for people that are late arriving,  If you miss your coach it is your fault and therefore you must then make your own arrangements to get to your destination it is not the responsibility of FOEW INTERNATIONAL

MONEYIn France the currency is Euros and in England the currency pounds sterling you will need spending money


NON- PROFIT - FOEW UK is a charitable organisation they are not a registered charity, but FOEW INTERNATIONAL only donate to registered charities  such as Headway East Kent, Pilgrims Hospice, Rainbow Child Foundation, Salvation Army, Downs & Proud. we do not donate to unregistered organisations.

NO - PROFIT ORGANISATION - IS FOEW INTERNATIONAL a non Profit organisation - NO,  we are not a non profit organisation we do make deductions towards the running costs of the Grand Final and the running of the Charity winner covering awards, reglia, and business trips, as of 2019 after 10 years of not paying our volenteers we will be paying a nominal wage and covering business costs. This is something we have to do as we cannot go on not paying staff as without them we have no competition and the charities miss out completely. we have discussed this in full with the charities commission and they have given us advice and guidence.on the UK's rules and regulations.


PASSPORT:  You must have a valid passport that is a minimum of 6 months in date,

PAY PAL ACCOUNT   QUICK PAY ACCOUNT Please always put your name as the payment reference

PAYMENT  Payments can be made direct into our Barclays Bank or via Pay Pal account [email protected] or by Standing Order

PAYMENT - Final Payment Full Balance must be paid 12 weeks /3 months before departure date  -

PHOTOGRAPHY - We will engage a photographer/video company to take pictures at our events, however please note they are not employed by FOEW INTERNATIONAL. We do not set out their price structure therefore we accept no liability or responsibility for the costing, quality or delivery of his or her product

PHOTOGRAPHY COPYRIGHT: Please note it is a serious offence to publish or use pictures on social media or any other publication that 1) You do not own 2) you do have the photographers or foew permission to use. Pictures taken at an FOEW event, FOEW INTERNATIONAL PAGEANT reserve the right to use photograpghs taken at our events to promote the compeition and FOEW UK

PROFILE   please complete and return your profile along with your photo and deposit is applicable We build every finalist an on-line profile page - Please send us 5 pictures and your self introduction maximum 500 words, IF you have a sponsor please send us a JPEG logo and website link so that they can be added to your profile page

PROGRAMME - Grand Final please send us in the picture you would like to appear in the official programme at least 20 weeks before event if you miss the publishing run then your picture will not be in the programme and there is nothing we can do about it